ORCHID was started as a combination of Social Justice and Fashion. I started my journey in Fashion over 2 decades ago and found it exclusionary and very white even before the upper echelons of it which is still to this day exceedingly so. In the past 5 years or so models have become more diverse and we see some small additions to Senior Editors of colour but the Industry has a LONG way to go with equal opportunities for all of us. This Blog is a combination of Social Justice Issues and some Fashion News. I start with an egregious miscarriage of justice – whilst there are sadly countless ones of them out there this one garnered national attention and after millions signed a petition the 110 year sentence was reduced to 10 years which is more than many murderers receive. Had he been white would he have received the same treatment? And while one might say old news – this happens far too often without us knowing or hitting the spotlight.

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