Federico Cina

Italian fashion designer, Federico Cina takes inspiration from human emotions to create a collage of prints and patterns that act as a tangible expression of those ‘feelings’ or ‘sensations’.

The designer launched his namesake brand in 2016 and gained popularity for his Fall/Winter 2018 collection, How a Life Comes to the World.

His work is deeply rooted is his personal experiences and every fall, cut or shape is a realisation of how he desires to share the story. Federico truly believes that he needs to feel on his own skin what he needs to convey to his clients (https://www.kaltblut-magazine.com/fashionclash-festival-talent-award-2017-winner-federico-cina/) .

Federico Cina won the Fashion Clash Talent Award in 2017 and has since made headlines for his commercial yet innately artistic style. With its creative headquarters in Milan, the label is currently available at select retailers in Italy, Tokyo and UK. Online store: https://store.neverteestop.it/carrello/