Stella Jean


Born in Rome to an Italian Father and Haitian Mother, Stella Jean is also a Designer outspoken about moving towards Equality in Fashion as well as promoting it. Her line is characterized by bright colours, often ornate textures as well as being rather whimsical.

Spring 2023 Collection is a mix of cultures constructed partly by artisans from Madagascar including raffia sweatshirts made with crochet needles which are particularly striking.  Sustainability has always been a consideration with even more importance now. The Designer believes of course that the best to be those who have always practiced sustainability whether out of necessity, tradition or ancestral ways of life. 

For this collection Stella Jean utilized the same Umbrian Artisans whom created her first collection along with those from Madagascar, employing for example orange cotton crochet paired with prominent hand-painted borders and embroidered zebras.

In both Madagascar and Italy, these artisans are women telling a rich story about the true face of their countries through their work, passion and sacrifice.